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Geyperman moto deportiva 7423 1Geyperman moto deportiva 7423 2Geyperman moto deportiva 7423 3

Moto deportiva Geyperman. Disponible en cuatro colores diferentes a elegir.

Se proporciona en forma de kit preensamblado de sencillo montaje. No necesita pegamento.

Seleccciona el color en el siguiente menú:

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Opiniones sobre el producto (10)

I bought one of these bikes in Red. I was genuinely surprised to se how well made it was. Its not just a reissue of the green action man bike based on the old BSA 450cc, it has a totally different shaped petrol tank. A twin engine that takes the two exhausts. I chose not to use the chrome rim and indicators on the front headlight and tail light. This was a bit too much chrome for me. I have collected a few of the old green ones that I have bought a couple of the Geyper engines to put make a twin. The exhausts to the old and new ones fit either side. The only trouble is that when put on the other side it leaves the long slot that is hidden on the original side. Geyper bikes get around this by putting a black cover over both sides to match and hide this. These are very great value for money. I started collecting the action man bikes because I rode British bikes and can’t find any unless you want to go down to the 1/9 scale or smaller or by spending a fortune like £200 plus. I find that you can convert these bikes to fair representations of british bikes. In my day we used the parts available so sometimes the headlights were not original so there is so much scope. Do what ever feels right. I cant praise these bikes and spares on this sight high enough. Fast and friendly service too. Am going to buy more when my pension day comes round again. By Colin Finch

Valorado por Colin Finch

A really worthy addition to any GI Joe, Action Man, Geyper Man collection. Well made and looks fantastic with the Motorista. Get one while you still can!

Valorado por Robert Beard

Como siempre un lujo de reedición igualita a la que tengo original en verde, en esta ocasión pedí la roja y la verdad muy buen producto y esperando a próximas reediciones.

Valorado por Enrique Peralo Adrián

Está genial.Impecable

Valorado por Emilio Vadillo Perez